15+ Captivating Then & Now Collections (Plus a Few of My Own!)

Travelling through time on the Spadina Streetcar
Travelling through time on the Spadina Streetcar by squirrel_brand is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I love then and now series.  I've featured a number of my own on this blog, including my Now & Then project, which was featured on PetaPixel and a number of other blogs.  In today's post, I've gathered some of my favorite then and now projects from across the web.

Note:  Please proceed with caution.  Some of these collections contain graphic and/or disturbing images captured during war, which may not be suitable for all viewers.

  1. 1914-2014:  100 Years in Time Lapse (from Stijn Bollaert on Vimeo)
  2. Before & After (from NYC Grid)
  3. The Earthquake Blend (from Shown Clover)
  4. Dear Photograph (a Tumblr featuring old family photos held up to present day scenes)
  5. FILMography (a Tumblr featuring photos from movies held up to present day scenes)
  6. Disneyland Then and Now (from Imagineering Disney)
  7. France During the Liberation and Now (from Géo Ado)
  8. Haunting Photos of WWI Reveal How Little Europe Has Changed (from PBS Newshour)
  9. Know Where You Stand (from Seth Taras)
  10. London Then and Now Video (from PetaPixel)
  11. Looking into the Past (from Flickr)
  12. Normandy on D-Day and Today (from Gizmodo)
  13. Then & Now (from Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse on Flickr)
  14. Then and Now (from Sectionsix.net on Flickr)
  15. Wonderful London 1924 & 2014 (from Simon Smith on Vimeo)
  16. Paris 1900-2013 en Photos (from L'Obs)
  17. Rephotographing Route 66 (from PetaPixel)

BONUS:  A new app called Timera appears to let you recreate the then and now process fairly easily on your phone.  I've never used it (I prefer to use my DSLR for this type of work), but there are hundreds of photos to explore on their website.  Have you ever used Timera?

Which collection is your favorite?  Do you have one to add?


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