Embracing the World of Mobile Photography

I finally caved and got an iPhone a couple of months ago.  Prior to getting an iPhone, I didn't see what the big deal was about mobile photography.  After using the iPhone for a couple of months, however, I am starting to see its appeal.  It's no replacement for being able to edit your photos in Photoshop on a computer for maximum output quality, but being able to publish images on the go is a boon in this age of fast-paced social media.

I essentially have three camera that I use for photography on the go: my wifi-enabled Canon EOS 6D nbsp;(when I want the best quality), my wifi-enabled Samsung NX1100 which I use almost exclusively with a 30mm f/2 lens (the camera I almost always have in my purse), and of course my iPhone (for when I'm traveling really light).  The 6D and the NX1100 require an extra step of transferring the photos to the iPhone before editing and publishing, but I think it's worth it.

While I really prefer my Samsung for better image quality, the iPhone has some apps that allow you to create cool motion blur effects that aren't possible during the day without a neutral density filter.  Some of my favorite iPhone apps are Snapseed (for basic editing), Pro HDR (for HDR), Slow Shutter Cam (for motion blur effects), and Squaready (for making your photo Instagram-friendly without cropping it).

Below are some mobile photos that I've posted to my Instagram account with each of my three cameras.

Photos taken with the 6D and edited on the iPhone:

Taken with the Samsung NX1100 and edited with the iPhone:

Taken and edited with the iPhone:

Have you embraced mobile photography?  What are your thoughts on using an iPhone to edit your DSLR's photos?  For more of my mobile photography, you can follow me on Instagram.


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