5 Ways to Discover New Photos Online

Kearsarge Pinnacles by Moonlight
Kearsarge Pinnacles by Moonlight
by Jeff Pang is licensed under CC BY 2.0 - discovered by going through a contact's favorites

I'm always on the lookout for photos to add to my growing collection of favorites.  Photos I find online help me expand my photography, through seeing the photographers' techniques (if they share them), their gear (I know gear does not in and of itself make one a better photographer, but it can open up new possibilities), and their locations.  Following great photographers on Flickr, 500px, Facebook, or another social network is an obvious way to find new photographs, but here are a few of my own ways that you may not have tried:

Go through a contact's favorite photos
Be it Flickr, 500px, or another similar social network that allows you to see users' favorite photos, this can be a valuable way to find great photographs.  If you already admire someone's work, chances are good you will also enjoy what they admire.

National Geographic Your Shot
Your Shot a great community.  There are lots of incredible photos to explore, in addition to content curated by editors in their "Daily Dozen" and various challenges they have going on.

Loc.alize.us has been around for awhile but I rarely hear people talk about it.  It's essentially a map of the world, and when you zoom in on a location, it shows you the most interesting geotagged photos on Flickr in that location.  It's great for finding photos of a specific location or looking for new places to shoot.

ViewBug is a photo contest website.  You can enter a few contests, potentially win some neat prizes, and discover new photos all in one place!

PhotoStartSheet is a site that lists many photography blogs and communities, all sorted by topic.  By discovering new blogs and communities to join, you're sure to discover new photos!

Now that you've heard some of the ways I like to find new photos online, what ways do you use?


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