The Top 5 Reasons to Like Through the Glass on Facebook

Through the Glass is a pretty new blog, but I've decided to expand it to Facebook.  I've recently been able to see, through following other bloggers on Facebook, how useful  a tool it is for sharing your work and ideas and enjoying that of others.  Although I and other bloggers do post content to multiple social networks, Facebook is a great place to share everything - blog posts, thoughts and ideas, links, photos, etc.  So, in case you haven't started following this blog on Facebook, here is a list of reasons why you should (in no particular order):

1.  Get updates on blog posts without ever having to check your RSS reader or your email
2.  Discover useful articles for photographers of all levels!
3.  See who Through the Glass "likes," and find even more pages to follow that offer great photos and links.
4.  Share your own resources by posting onto the page!
5.  Learn about new photo gear and sales that aren't posted on the blog.


  1. I like the title.....always thought through the looking glass would have been a photography title with a little Disney twist to it also.


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