Interesting Photography Subject: Benches

The Bench and Lamp Post

It seems whenever I see a bench when I'm out photographing, I'm inclined to take a picture of it.  I'm not really sure why.  What makes a bench such a good subject for a photograph?  I don't know if I can really pinpoint, all I know is that I've got quite a few bench photographs on Flickr and whole lot more sitting on my computer.  So, next time you're out photographing and you see a bench, why not see if you can make a picture of it.  You might be surprised at what you come up with.

The Lonely Bench

Two Lonely Benches

The Bench at Victory Woods Cemetery

A Park Bench in Guilderland, NY

As it turns out, I'm not the alone in my interest for photographing benches.  Here are a few I've found on Flickr:

cosmic rough riders:to be someone
cosmic rough riders:to be someone by visualpanic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bench by Moyan Brenn is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The empty bench...
The empty bench… by Vinoth Chandar is licensed under CC BY-2.0


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